Melaleuca & Oregano are THE 1-2 Punch

Today is day 3 of BOGO week here in doTERRA essential oil land. And, today’s oil combo is incredible and should be a staple in every household. These two oils are my best friends during the winter months. This top combo is a 1-2 punch 🥊 when your immune system needs a boost and some support to get rid of the crud. ⠀

You can take these internally in an empty pill capsule, or add them to a rollerball container with some coconut oil and rub it on the bottom of your and your kids’ feet to boost everyone’s immune systems also.⠀

Melaleuca is also my go to for keeping those critters out of my kids hair at a school. I use it with water to clean my house, and on my face when I have breakouts to support my skin. ⠀

Oregano 🌿 is a powerful essential oil and should always be diluted when you’re putting it on your skin, even for adults. I also use it in cooking pasta 🍝Just a tiny toothpick dip in the bottle and swirl around the sauce- a little goes a long way. ⠀

2 Minute video about how these oils work together. It’s mindblowing!!

Remember- only good today until 11pm PST, and a max of 5 per account.

Don’t have a wholesale account but want huge discounts {25% to start and then more as you order more often}. Click below to get your account, or comment or PM me and I’ll give you a personal wellness consult to see what would benefit you the most!

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