About Me

I’m a Mom of 3- ages 7, 5 and 3 . I’m a Wife. I’m an Emergency Room RN. I’m an essential oil educator. And I’m passionate about helping people to live more fulfilling, healthful lives.

I started on this journey when my husband and I had some challenges getting pregnant with our first child {obviously it worked out ok!}.  I started looking at how I was living my life, and what I could do to change my actions to align more closely with the way we wanted to live life. I also started learning and delving into research about holistic health, and was horrified at the sheer number of harmful chemicals I was exposing myself to everyday, completely unknowingly. I started replacing my family’s cleaning and personal care products with non-toxic products, and now, 5 years later, I make my own cleaning products and even deodorant {thank you essential oils!}

I first started using essential oils about 5 years ago when I had 2 small kids that were almost constantly sick. I felt helpless. I felt powerless. And I felt overwhelmed. Because they were so small, there wasn’t any medicine I could give them to support their bodies. I just had to wait until they got better, and watch them be miserable in the process. Enter my good friend and her essential oils.  She introduced me to them and showed me how they could support my tiny kids’ bodies, and I felt like I was actually doing something to help my kids.  I felt empowered to be able to take care of my family.  And that’s why I’m passionate about sharing the power of essential oils. I never want another Mom to feel powerless or helpless. I feel like everyone should have the option of essential oils at home.