Kitchen Tips

chicken stock

This post is a little different than some in the past. I like to cook from scratch. Now, I have 3 little kids, and work part time as a RN, and I teach about essential oils as my side hustle {morphing into my whole hustle}, and I have a million things in my head at all times, so I like simple “life hacks”. And, I L-O-V-E this one. I saw this on Pinterest and now am using it all the time.

When I open a package with a set “spoilage window” I date it with a Sharpee. That way I don’t have to remember when I opened it, and if its getting to be near the spoil date I can make something using it so it doesn’t go to waste. I hate wasting good food but was so bad at remembering when I’d first used a food item. Now, I don’t do this for bread or peanut butter or jelly or the things that never get the chance to go bad. But you WILL see dates on my chicken stock, and occasionally my sour crème.

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