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Essential oils are no longer just for “hippies”. They can be found at major retailers nationwide, and the market is seeing growth at astronomical rates. When you’re just starting out, knowing how to use essential oils can be confusing and overwhelming, and is a roadblock to consistent use and the benefits they provide.

In this complete usage guide, I explain the science behind essential oils, and how to apply their use to your everyday life in everyday terms that nurses can understand, and then use to teach their patients.

This ebook explains what essential oils are, essential oil use and dilution, how to use essential oils with kids & babies, how to use essential oils to help manage and support emotions, and essential oil chemistry.

Also included are:
-22 rollerball essential oil blend recipes
-22 diffuser recipes
-19 DIY home, spa & cleaning recipes using essential oils
-13 recipes for cooking with essential oils

This Complete Guide is great for the essential oil beginner and experienced essential oil user alike.