My Favorite Energy Supplement

There are so many energy supplements out there that promise crash free energy but aren’t good for you or don’t really work as promised. Research was just published showing a 500% increase in stroke risk after drinking energy drinks! Most of the energy supplements on the market are unregulated because there isn’t much regulation of supplements in the US. So how do you choose one?

I use Mito2Max from doTERRA. Mito2Max is a blend of energy enhancing ingredients and adrenal supporting herbs. How does it work? It helps the mitochondria in your cells to make energy efficiently without the caffeine jitters and then crash that another cup of coffee or soda or energy drink would cause. The mitochondria of your cells are the energy factories of your body and when they’re working efficiently, you feel more energized and less tired. 

Mito2Max contains cordyceps, ginseng and ashwagandha, which help your body deal with the everyday stresses that then stress out your adrenal glands. What are the adrenal glands you may ask?  Your adrenal glands are the air traffic controllers of your hormones, and when they’re stressed they can’t work at their best. Stress comes in many forms- emotional, financial or even the physical stress on your body cells of being physically ill with a chronic or short term illness. Over time, this stress overwhelms your adrenal glands and they stop working effectively. Research has shown cordyceps, ginseng and ashwagandha to be the best at supporting your adrenal glands through the times of stress.

I take 2 capsules in the afternoon when I have an energy crash after lunch. I take these almost every day, as they’re safe for daily use. The days I don’t take them, I end up drinking a cup of coffee at 4pm- always a bad idea!
This month Mito2Max is 10% off.

To get Mito2Max to help your energy levels, click here.

Are you interested in more information or education about essential oils and other nontoxic natural products? My team hosts online education once a month where we teach you about doTERRA essential oils and how to use the 8 most common oils for energy, sleep and relaxation, immune support and occasional muscle soreness/fatigue. Click here to apply.

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