Take That Exercise Outside

As the weather warms up {most places}, we start to think about getting back outside for exercise. Exercising outdoors has benefits over the gym, when possible.

photo by Emma Simpson

1. Increases Workout Performance

While you might think you’d be more motivated while watching tv and running or listening to your favorite tv series while riding the stationary bike, research shows that just by getting outside, you tend to push yourself harder.  You burn more calories and have obstacles like hills that you can’t self select away while running outside. 

2. Improved Attention and Focus

Outdoor exercise also stimulates your brain. Inside you may be better able to focus on your squat form, but for longer time activities, outside provides varied scenery, which provides mental stimulation to keep you from getting bored.

3. Energy and Motivation Boost

Exercising outdoors has mood benefits the gym can’t compete with. Just being outside can improve your mood and outlook according to research. We are wired for a connection to nature.

4. Helps to Develop Lasting Habits

Research shows people who exercise outdoors have better adherence to their workout routine than their gym attending counterparts.

5. Improves Your Overall Mood

Remember I said we are hard wired for a connection to nature? Wanna know why? Research shows we get a surge of endorphins and serotonin when we exercise outside. Research also shows exercising outside may also help regulate hormone levels.

6. Burns More Calories

Exercising outside more effectively turns on your body’s internal energy and fat burning mechanism. This may be due to the varied terrain of the workout, or the less than ideal temperature you’re working out in- and your body had to make up for that with an increased regulation of body temperature. 

What do you think? Do you like working out outdoors better than indoors?

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