Got Good Sleep?

Almost everyone has had those nights they lie awake and even though tired just can’t fall asleep. The longer you’re awake, the more anxious you become about how little sleep you’ll get before you have to get up in the morning. Its distressing.

Not getting enough sleep or good quality sleep can affect your weight, emotions, learning, behavior, your ability to drive a motor vehicle and your cardiovascular health. It can also negatively affect your interpersonal relationships. Who hasn’t been moody or grouchy when tired?

Sleep is the time your body repairs itself, and when you don’t sleep, your body doesn’t get a chance to “take out the trash” from your body. This can cause long term issues with your physical health.

There are tons, and I mean tons, of over the counter sleep remedies on the market. Many don’t work or work on the placebo effect, meaning you get the effect of improved sleep because you expect the product to help you sleep. Others are prescription medications you can only get from a doctor. These can be addictive and habit forming, as well as opportunities for overdose when mixed with alcohol or other medications.

But guess what…there are safe options to help you sleep. This is what I use when I can’t sleep. Serenity Restful Complex gel caps. This is an essential oil and herb based sleep aide, that was tested in a clinical trial and found to aid in getting to sleep and staying asleep without feeling groggy in the morning. Benefit? Its non habit forming and you can’t overdose on it like some of the prescription medications.

This is my go-to for sleep.

One of the main ingredients is L-Theanine, which is structurally similar to GABA and glutamate, both of which help in relaxation. This pre-sleep relaxation appears to be a main component of ease of sleeping.

I also diffuse Serenity essential oil. This essential oil blend is made of lavender, roman chamomile and cedarwood, all of which have numerous studies that show their correlation to relaxation and stress relief and sleep.

Together these two sleep supports get the job done for me. I can choose one or the other or both, depending on my needs.

Are you interested in more information or education about essential oils? My team hosts online education once a month where we teach you about doTERRA essential oils and how to use the 8 most common oils for energy, sleep and relaxation, immune support and occasional muscle soreness/fatigue. Click here to get started.

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