Valentine’s Day Fun

I love Valentine’s Day, but not for the reason you probably think. My husband and I don’t even celebrate it. Overpriced flowers and overcrowded restaurants make us want to gag.

I do love it for the fun of being able to remind my fam how much I love them for 14 days. I use February to plan small, fun reminders of how important they are to me. My husband gets part of the glory too. I don’t want to leave him out just because I’m the planner. =)

How awesome is this printable!!!

I found these printable from Atiliay recently and was so excited!!! They’re perfect for what I wanted to do. Each day starting February 1st, I’m going to cut one out and write why I love my kid {one for each kid} and tape it to their bedroom door so they see it in the morning. I think the “I love you more than” is going to be a hit. It’s actually a game we play. Each person thinks of something they love the other person more than- like more than frozen yogurt with 100 toppings, more than an ankylosaurus {my favorite dino- he’s awesome so look him up if you don’t know what he looks like}, or more than a day at Legoland, but I think you get the picture.

I also try and be super fun and organized in the mornings and make heart pancakes a couple times during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. I usually use food coloring {yes I know its bad for you but I adhere to the 80/20 rule when it comes to indulging} and color the pancakes pink and red and purple. Last year I made X and O pancakes and the kids lost their minds. They counted how many hugs and kisses I gave each of them!!

On Valentine’s Day, we give them a small amount of chocolate cause honestly, its a fun day and chocolate makes a fun day more fun, especially for a kid. But, we also give them swimsuits, towels, sand toys, markers, and other small things I probably would’ve ended up buying anyway. No technology, no video games, no movies.

I’d love to know what you do for Valentine’s Day for your fam and loved ones! Leave me a comment and any good Pinterest links! If you want to see what I have on my board click here.

Go here to get the printable!

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