One Word for 2019

business identity blank stationery set on wood background

Every year, people all over the world make resolutions that they then quickly break and forget about. I did this last year, and I really liked the short and simple reminder to “stay true” to my purpose and intent for the year, so this year again I’m choosing a word of the year.


Yup, badass.

A  little forward, maybe. A little crude, I suppose it can be.

But also powerful, full of life force and giving 1000% to whatever endeavor I’m in.

I want to be badass in everything I do this year. A badass Mom. A badass wife. A badass nurse. A badass doTERRA leader. A badass triathlete. A badass Girl Scout leader. A badass soccer coach. A badass friend.
Each month I write my word for 2019 at the top of my monthly calendar to remind myself of the focus of the year. Its the forest of the trees.

To pick a word for yourself, sit quietly with your thoughts for 10 minutes and write down what you want to be remembered for in 2019, and what your goals are in 2019. At the end of the 10 minutes, your word will come to you. Don’t overthink it. Whatever comes to you and feels right is your word.

Write it at the top of each monthly calendar and use it as your compass when you feel lost or overwhelmed. At the end of every month, take 20 minutes to write out your successes and failures for the month. Use your word of 2019 as a guidepost for your monthly evaluations.

So, now that you know what my word is, and how to get your word for 2019, do the exercise and get your word for 2019 and comment below what it is. I’d love to see what everyone’s is!

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