Essential Oil BOGO Week-Day 3


Every Thanksgiving week, doTERRA, the #1 essential oil company in the world, hosts a BOGO promotion.

Every day for 5 days, they offer an essential oil at regular price, and pair that with a 2nd essential oil for free. doTERRA does this to say “Thanks” for being a great customer and helping them to become the #1 essential oil company in the word. The deals only last for 24 hours, and there are a max of 5 orders per account.

Day 3 is incredible! Buy Copaiba {$35} and get Deep Blue Oil for FREE!

AND YES…you can get FIVE bottles of Copaiba this month!

After exercise soreness, and occasional sore muscles and joints don’t have anything on these 2! Up until today, you could only buy 1 Copaiba a month, but because doTERRA has been working on getting their stock in place, for today’s deal you can buy 5 per account! Rub a couple drops of each where its sore. The DeepBlue heats up like Icy Hot but without all the toxic ingredients and petroleum derivatives it contains.

Copaiba attaches to the CB2 receptors in your body that control pain, inflammation and cellular health. This oil promotes and supports normal functioning of these processes.

The CB2 receptor is the same one CBD oil attaches to, but CBD oil first has to be metabolized to work on the receptor, and Copaiba essential oil works directly on the receptor. Copaiba can be used topically, diffused, and taken internally. This is one of the essential oils Dr Hill, the Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA, recommends everyone take daily because of its cellular health support properties.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can order through me. Click here to fill out the order form.

You also have the opportunity to get your own account through doTERRA and increase your savings.

PLUS…this month, when you get an account you’ll get $50 in free oils of your choice with any intro kit order. Click here to get your own account and all your free oils. No pressure to buy again, no monthly order and no minimums- just an easy way to get the #1 essential oils on the market.


Understanding how exactly essential oils work with our bodies at the cellular level can be confusing and overwhelming due to all the medical and science words. Dr Hill, the Chief Medical Officer of doTERRA, explains how your Cannabinoid system works in this video. Even if you don’t want to use the Copaiba essential oil, its an interesting listen simply for the science behind one of the most important systems in our body.

I love it when science catches up to old wives tales about “alternative” health practices. Long live science! The nerd in me is happy now.

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