Summer Essentials

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Summer is here and fun is an everyday word now. Kids home from school all day. Vacations planned. Summer bucket lists. The beach. The pool. The mountains.

Whatever it is you have planned for the Summer, here are my top 10 Essential Oils for the Summer.

  1. Lavender– this is an all around star. I use it on scrapes and owies. I use it on itchy bug bites. I use it on sunburns to help ease the ouch factor. I use it to help the kids calm down and relax during downtime in the afternoon by putting 1-2 drops on their pillow or the backs of their necks.
  2. Melaleuca– another favorite for anything skin. Owies and scrapes. Sunburns. I also use a couple drops on the dogs’ collars to help repel those summertime fleas they always seem to get.
  3. TerraShield– this blend of essential oils was specifically developed to help repel those nasty bugs of Summer. Citronella and cedarwood essential oils, combined with fir and sandalwood essential oils helps to keep the bugs away from you when you’re outside. It’s a great alternative to bug spray with DEET. DEET {even at small concentrations} is a pesticide and can have adverse effects on kids and adults. It gets absorbed through your skin and into your systemic circulation. Yuck! Plus, it really works. Quick story- my family went to Maui a couple years ago and my hubby didn’t think it was working because we all had a couple bites. Long story short is I didn’t put it on anyone the next day and within an hour everyone had bug bites everywhere! Lesson learned.
  4. Lemongrass– a staple in our Summer time house. Flies and other biting bugs don’t like lemongrass so we spray this around the doors and windows to keep them away. I also use this to make a cleaning solution with OnGuard in the Summer. I just substitute it for the citrus oil.
  5. Purify– another essential oil blend I love. I use a couple drops of this in stinky shoes, and in the wash with smelly sweaty clothes. I also have a secret use- I use it on bug bites to help with the itching. It really works great!
  6. OnGuard– this is a daily use essential oil every day. Summer or Winter. This essential oil blend was developed to help your immune system work its best at keeping you healthy. I use 1 drop on the bottom of the feet of every person in my family every single day. I also use it to make my cleaning supplies. 10 drops in a 32oz glass bottle and add water. I sometimes also add a citrus essential oil {10 drops} to help cut any stickiness or grease. Its nontoxic and because doTERRA has 3rd party testing to ensure purity, you can actually drink the cleaning spray!
  7. Peppermint– this one is great for those hot days when you need to cool off quick. I either use 1 drop on the back of my neck to help me cool off, or I put 5 drops in a 15ml bottle and fill it up with water, and then mist myself. When you’re using it to mist yourself, make sure to close your eyes so you don’t spray peppermint in your eyes. Secret use- ants don’t like it, so spray around your doors and windows and anywhere you see them coming in to repel them to go elsewhere.
  8. DigestZen– I find myself eating things I usually don’t, and more food than usual during the Summer. Bonfires with s’mores, popcorn with salt and butter, ice cream cones, vacation food. DigestZen is my go to for anything having to do with gas, bloating, and feeling yucky “in the tummy” as my 4 year old says. I either rub 2 drops right on my belly area, or adults can also do 2 drops in a small amount of liquid. Secret use- a couple drops will help with motion sickness. Either rub on the belly area of behind the neck so you can smell it.
  9. ClaryCalm- that time of the month special women’s blend.  Not only does this specially formulated essential oil combo of clary sage, lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, cedarwood and roman chamomile help soothe the physical effects of the monthly menstrual cycle, but it also helps with the emotional side of it too. As our hormones change in response to our bodies triggers, it can cause emotional upsets that really have to do with the changing hormone levels. ClaryCalm helps our bodies support normal hormones levels and normal changes in hormone levels so we aren’t as emotionally fragile. That’s a win win for all!
  10. AromaTouch– too much physical activity and playing all day? AromaTouch is my go to for soothing sore muscles. It’s mild enough for kids to use also. Secret use- add a couple drops to the bath for a spa-like experience!

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you! I’m always excited to help you with questions about essential oils and such. Comment below or send me an email in the contact section. I promise to get back to you =)

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