Top 5 Travel Must Haves!


Memorial Day is almost here…and that means extra days off school for the kids and vacay time for many families. Whether you’re planning a trip or staying close to home or having a staycation, a little pre-planning goes a looong way! I always end up taking more than I need, and my hubby inevitably says “We’re not going to a 3rd world country. We can get _______ there if we need.” So, this year, I’ve decided to plan ahead a little better and only take the necessities and not overpack!

Since we’re staying close to home but not at home, and its near the beach in San Diego, most of my must-haves revolve around sun and fun.  Here are my Memorial Day vacation must haves for beach fun:

  1. Mineral Based Sunscreen- a good quality mineral based sunscreen is a necessity for anyone spending time in the sun. Oxybenzone, the main ingredient in non-mineral based sunscreens has been shown to cause cancer, contribute to endocrine dysfunction, and is toxic to our ocean reefs. Our endocrine system is the master controller system of our body. When it isn’t working right, everything can begin to not work right. Unfortunately, chemicals in beauty products in the US {sunscreen is included} don’t have to be tested to be proved safe to use. It’s the consumers responsibility to know the effects {what?!?!}. Plus…its TOXIC to our oceans! We only have 1 home planet that we currently know of, and we need to take care of it for our children and grandchildren.  My favorite mineral based sunscreen brands are:
    • Maui Naturals- We discovered this reef safe, mineral based sunscreen on a family trip to Maui a couple years back and fell in love with it. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t end up making you white all over like many mineral based sunscreens do. You can get it on Amazon {and in Maui!}.
    • SunBum- This is a local company in Encinitas, CA and I love supporting local businesses, especially when their products are amazing!! It’s also reef safe and goes on without feeling sticky and goopy.
  2. Hat- since we’ll be spending so much time outside, and the bright sunlight can be damaging to eyes {especially kids more sensitive eyes} a hat is a must have for sure! I always have hats on hand for all of us, and you can usually find extra ones in my Tahoe.
  3. First Aid Kit-  after all day in the sun, and a weekend of fun times, someone usually needs the first aid kit. This is what’s in mine:
    •  Scissors
    • Various band aid sizes
    • Gauze for larger owies
    • Tape for gauze
    • An instant ice pack
    • Essential oils
      • Lavender & Melaleuca – These 2 essential oils are amazing for everything skin related, from scrapes and bruises, to too much time in the sun. They can also be added to aloe for extra post-sun soothing power.
      • DeepBlue- This essential oil blend does wonders for soothing those sore muscles or joints you might have after an active weekend. It heats the area up like Icy Hot, but without the toxic derivatives/chemicals. The bonus is it comes both as an essential oil AND a an essential oil infused lotion! {note- Don’t go in the sun right after using this essential oil blend. It can make the skin photosensitive}
      • Helichrysm- This incredible essential oil is in my first aid kit because of its power in helping support the body’s ability to naturally stop bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes. All you need is 1-2 drops. It’s seriously incredible.
      • DigestZen- A digestive support essential oil blend for upset tummies, heart burn, gas and when you eat too much of things you usually don’t and are feeling it. Vacations {for me} are times when I tend to indulge and then usually feel it later. This essential oil blend is made of digestive soothing oils to ease the discomfort, so you can get back to over-indulging.
      • OnGuard- This little immune booster in a bottle is a true necessity on vacation. When you’re out and about, touching everything that thousands of others have touched, and coming into contact with lots of people from all over, it’s likely someone will have some illness brewing. This blend of essential oils has been shown in research studies published on PubMed to help fight unwanted bacteria and pathogens! Good-bye seasonal bugs and hello wonderful vacay!
  4. Good Book- And by a book, I mean the real paper kind. Not a kindle or a book on a computer or reader. There’s something magical about holding an actual book in your hands.  I don’t read as much as I used to before having kids, and I miss it. I miss the feeling of making a movie in my head with the words from the page. I miss getting lost in a book and realizing I’ve been reading waaayyy longer than I thought. I’m always looking to add to my book list so if you have a favorite, comment below what it is!
  5. My Sense of Adventure- Vacationing with kids is different than vacationing alone or with a significant other. There are fewer episodes of true relaxing, and more frequent episodes of small adventures within the vacation. Going to the park down the street. Riding bikes on a new bike trail. Checking out that new ice cream shop they saw. Kids are inherently adventurous souls. They yearn for finding new fun everyday, even in seemingly mundane experiences. On vacation, I’m bringing with me the child version of myself, and am going to see the world through their eyes- and the adventures that await us!

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