Happy Earth Day!


Its Earth Day and this post is a little late in the day because I’ve been outside enjoying the Earth. This morning I weeded the backyard and helped my hubby clean up around our property {we have a half-acre}. Then I relaxed outside with some coffee and a breakfast burrito, just enjoying the Spring day.

While I was weeding I was thinking that if everyone made 1 change this year to be more eco-conscious, the world would see a shift. One thing leads to another. Change is always incremental. Making numerous changes all at once rarely will be lasting.  Every Earth Day I make an Earth Resolution for the next year- something I can do to care better for our planet {since at present its the only one we’ve got!}.

This year, I struggled a little. We already eat organic {this helps rid the farm land of toxic chemicals that can take years to clear from the soil and air}, use reusable bags to shop, use glass containers/plates/cups instead of plastic, we use eco laundry soap and dishwasher soap, grow some of our own food {and are working to grow more}, compost, have solar, and use essential oils. Eek! Sounds like a lot. You know what though, we started with just one thing, and then built upon that once we were ready. Change begets change.

Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah! We have plans to build a chicken coop and have chickens also, but that is contingent on my hubby building the coop, and I didn’t think I could make MY resolution something HE needs to help me with. We also have plans for a whole house filter and a grey water system, but those are big things that take a good amount of money, and we have them planned out for implementation, so they’re off the list also.

So, I decided instead to make my Earth Day Resolution to stop using plastic bags of all kinds. I still put the kids lunch items in bags {sometimes} if I’m out of containers, or its a pb &j. I used to have reusable bags for lunches also…..but the kids have lost all but 1. So today you are all witnesses that I’m going to order enough so that I can forgo the plastic sandwich bag ease in order to save the Earth. I DO reuse the bags if I can wash them out and whatever was in it isn’t smeared all over the bag. So {in my mind}, I’m not being horribly uneco-conscious {is that a word???} but I know I can do better.

Will you join me in making an eco Resolution today? What is yours?

I’d love to hear them. Comment below your Earth Day 2018 Resolution and we’ll work together to keep this planet of ours green and clean.

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