Reducing EMF Radiation


Do you have these light bulbs at home? If so, you’re exposing yourself to EMF radiation. This is just some of the bulbs we changed out. We still have 8 up high in our tract lights and we need to get an extra tall ladder to change them out too.

What is EMF radiation? Its electromagnetic field radiation, and is the radiation emitted by electricity and electric objects {think your Wi-Fi, lightbulbs, fridge, Xbox, etc}. I listened to a podcast from Wellness Mama the other day that explained so well what we can do to limit this exposure as much as possible. I love her podcasts. She’s such an amazing resource for everything holistic and natural living, and she has some amazing guests on her podcasts that talk about natural living subjects in depth. I’m going to paraphrase some of her tips, and give a couple of my own, but to hear her podcast about EMF Radiation, click here.

Radiation is all around us. Some good, some bad. Nature has a natural low level of radiation, but all radiation changes the way our cells work. Cancer, behavior changes, depression, anxiety and feelings of general fatigue may be partly caused by the EMF radiation in your own home. Wi-Fi, dirty electricity and ground radiation are just a few of the ways EMF radiation enters our homes.

The danger of Wi-Fi is just starting to be a subject people talk about and take notice of, even though the research is well established on its dangers. How does Wi-Fi affect our bodies? Our cells have tiny molecules inside called photons. These molecules are the organizers of the cell. Wi-Fi makes them unable to organize the cellular functions, and the cell works erratically and in an unorganized way. This is not good for optimal body function. And because every cell in our body has these photons organizing all the processes that go on inside cells, every cell in our body is affected by Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is the most harmful to us at night when our bodies rest and heal. An easy fix is to either unplug the Wi-Fi router {or the whole internet/cable box} at night, or to get a timer and set it to go off at bedtime and then back on in the morning. Kids are more affected by EMF radiation, and so if you have kids this is an easy action step you can do today without spending any money.

Wi-Fi is not the only source of EMF radiation in our environment. Our electrical system itself can be a significant source. The way our electrical system is set up in the US, some of the electricity that comes into our homes is lost into the environment. That electricity affects our cells. So, what can we do? There are ways to test where electricity “leaks” are inside the house, and filters you can buy to put in the outlets to reduce the electricity leaking out. I’m not going to re-do Wellness Mama’s resource list or pretend it’s my own. Go to her podcast {see link above} and at the bottom of the podcast page there is a resource list and also a checklist for action steps to reduce your EMF exposure.

Another hidden source of EMF radiation is those CLF twirly light bulbs promoted to use less electricity and save energy. They are B-A-D. Period. Get them out of your home. Go and buy the regular incandescent bulbs instead. They have much lower readings of EMF and are in the safe range. LED lights are the only option for some light fixtures and they are ok also, but just know the regular light bulbs are the best. Plus, the amount of energy you would save using the CLF bulbs is basically meaningless over the long term.

Another way to decrease your EMF exposure is to find out if you have a smart meter for electricity. They’re all the rage now, and are supposed to help you find out when you’re using energy and monitor when you have opportunities to use less energy. Guess what? Who cares! I know when I’m using energy- when I’m running the washing machine or dishwasher, or when everyone is home and using the tv and Xbox. Smart meters can send an electronic Wi-Fi signal to the electric company as often as every 15 seconds! I called my electric company and was told that the smart meter communicated every 15 minutes. What?!?! I asked for it to be switched back to an analog meter. It cost me a $75 fee for the equipment, and then a $10 fee every month for a maximum of 36 months. To me, my family’s health is worth that much money or more. How do you know if you have a smart meter? If you have a single electric meter, its a smart meter. Have an electric meter with more than 1 metering area, it might be the old analog kind. Still not sure, just call the electric company and ask. They can look it up for your address.

The last thing I want to mention is something that floored me. The Xbox. The computer in your living room. So, unlike other video gaming consoles, the Xbox continues to emit EMF radiation in the harmful range even when its turned off. And, it can be measured floors above and below the Xbox. Where is the Xbox in your home? Below any of your bedrooms? Make sure you unplug it before you go to bed- at least. You can also make sure its unplugged when its not in use.

I’m so much more knowledgeable about the dangers of EMF radiation after listening to Wellness Mama’s podcast. I knew about Wi-Fi and had already been turning it off at night, but I had no idea about the other areas of danger.

Do you have aluminum foil at home? Go listen to her podcast to see what to use it for to help decrease your exposure…

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