We Are All Energy


I have been reading a book called, “The Emotion Code” by Dr Bradley Nelson. It’s about how everything in the Universe is made up of energy, and by tapping into this energy, we can change our emotions and even our life!

Now, this might be a little woo-woo for many out there. We are energy? I thought I was made of muscles and bones and organs. In this book, Dr Nelson details how scientists are just beginning to discover the smallest parts of the Universe, and how these smallest parts are nothing more than energy packets that have structural arrangements that give everything shape.  Did you know that scientists have found that when a plant is damaged (think eaten by an insect or cut my man for a salad) it send a chemical signal to the other plants in the area that it’s under attack! There is sooo much we don’t know about our world that we are just beginning to understand, that I can “buy in” to Dr Nelson’s energy explanation (plus, there’s science to back it). Just because its not what we learned in school doesn’t make it wrong. That’s the cool thing about science. Its ever changing and our understanding of our world changes with it.

One easy way to explain this idea is to propose a question to you. Have you ever walked in a room and felt uncomfortable? Like the people in it had been having a disagreement or something felt just not right.  That feeling was your body interacting with the energy in the room, put there by the people in it.  One interesting application of knowing we are energy is that we can consciously modify our negative energy. Change our mindset is one way to say it. Or change your attitude. Dr Bradley states he uses magnets to modify energy patterns. Another way we can change energy patterns is with essential oils. Each oil has an energy reading associated with that particular plant/oil. The highest energy readings come from rose and frankincense, two of the post powerful essential oils for health promotion and physical and mental wellness.

I love learning about new ways to see the world that increase my understanding of myself and our interactions with others.

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