5 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

pexels-photo-434163.jpegSpring is here! Even if it temporally gets pummeled back by a spring snow, the ground is thawing in places where it gets cold {brrrr! says my Cali self}, and here in SoCal the days have been hovering in the mid 70s instead of the high 60s.

This time of year brings feelings of renewal, of cleaning out the old so that the new has room to grow and flourish. This is true in nature and we can use this momentum of Spring to bring about new in us. Are there aspects of your life you’ve been putting off working on? Are there habits you want to start, or maybe habits you want to stop doing?

Now is the time.

Springtime has long been a time of new beginnings. For thousands of years, ancient cultures have celebrated the return of spring as a return of abundance. The pull we feel to “clean house” {literally and figuratively} was originally celebrated at the pagan Festival of Eostre, a celebration of fire and light and fertility. Here, seeds would be blessed by Mother Earth and then planted to grow into a food bounty. Christians celebrate Easter, the time when Jesus arose from the dead to save mankind’s sins, around the same time. Rising from the dead is the ultimate renewal!

What are 5 easy things you can do to spring clean your life?

  1. Remove your shoes at the door- Shoes track in untold numbers of contaminants from outside, and distribute them throughout your home as you walk around. This can lead to allergies and expose you to harmful pathogens that can make you sick. It also brings in dirt particles {and if you have pets that poop outside, micro particles of that can also get tracked in-yuck!} Plus, less dirt means less time you have to spend cleaning, and less clutter. Worried about cold feet? Put on some socks to keep your tootsies cozy.
  2. Use an indoor air filter at night time- Indoor air consistently ranks one of the worst contaminants in households. This includes those households that use organic and nontoxic cleaning products. Couches, floors and synthetic wood/particle board furniture off-gas harmful chemicals, including flame retardants that are known carcinogens {fancy word for chemicals that are known to cause cancer!}.  The inside air only gets worse if you are using traditional cleaning products in your home, many of which contain chemicals that are not safe to breathe or get on your skin.
  3. Get a salt lamp- Salt lamps are awesome air cleaners. They emit negative ions, which help to decrease respiratory issues of all kinds. Negative ions also have been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, and other airborne pathogens. Numerous studies have supported these benefits. Salt lamps also help to neutralize EMF radiation. What is EMF radiation? Think radiation from all our electronic devices- wifi, cell phones, tv, and gaming console connected to an electricity source or the internet in your home. EMF radiation causes cellular disruption, and long term studies have not been done on its safety.  Now, we can’t get away from all EMF radiation, so salt lamps are a great way to mitigate some of the negative effects of it.
  4. Clean your closet- This is a great time to go through your closet and get rid of the pieces of clothing and shoes that you haven’t worn in the last year. If you live in a place where there are specific warm weather and cold weather clothes, I suggest you do this more than once a year. At the end of winter, give anything you didn’t wear during the previous winter to Goodwill, or have a garage sale. If you didn’t wear it in the past 6 months, you most likely wont wear it next year. Trends and fashions change, as do the way your clothes fit you. Don’t save clothes for that magical time when “I lose weight” or “when I get in shape again”. Only keep the clothes in your closet that you wear and are comfortable in. People tend to wear the same 30 or so “favorites” over and over. I know I do. Keep any clothes that are event specific. Business clothes or a fancy cocktail dress. These are pieces that although you may not have worn them recently, they still have value. That being said, if you have 30 dress shirts and 50 ties, you can probably get rid of a few. Having fewer “things” can ease feelings of clutter and overwhelm, and help you feel calmer. Especially if they are things you don’t use and don’t add value to your life (wardrobe).
  5. Go outside- There is ample research showing positive benefits from walking in the woods or by the ocean. You can get a small slice of these benefits simply by walking around outside barefoot. It’s called grounding, and it’s the new thing for good reason. Not everyone has the time or geographic locale to be able to go to the woods or ocean whenever they need a pick me up. However, we can all go outside and connect with whatever nature we have around. Doing this is a lot like having a salt lamp in your home. Our bodies have extra positive electrons (called ions) and walking on the ground barefoot transfers them to the Earth where they interact with negative ones in the ground. Grounding has been shown to have fantastic benefits for more restful sleep, increased energy, less stress, normalizing circadian rhythms (think jet lag and time changes), and improving adrenal health (your stress response system). There is no time minimum or maximum for walking around barefoot. I suggest starting small. Go outside in the morning and drink your coffee, breathe in the fresh morning air, and let your feet touch the ground. An important point here- concrete or stone or artificial turf does not count. It works best to go walk in the grass or dirt. Think about how the ground feels on your feet. Kids do this all the time. I know I have a hard time keeping my kidss shoes on. Maybe they’ve figured out something I should be mindful of.

Enjoy this time of renewal and new beginnings as Spring gets into full swing. Did any of these suggestions speak to you? Start with one, and once you’ve made it a habit, move on to another (and then go clean out your closet) 😉

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