I Just Need an Emotional Reset


Have you ever woken up and wanted to start the day over again? Yeah, that was this morning. Both boys crying over nothing, and my daughter angry because her favorite pants {that she wore yesterday and are dirty} are not clean and ready for her to wear to school. It also started raining while I was walking her to school. And then the dog pooped in the house. #momlife, right?!?!

So, I use essential oils with my family. We use them for immune boosting, and cleaning, and for emotional needs {like mine, right now}. I decided to make a video about what I did to get out of the negative mindset I was having. And guess what? It worked! But why? Well, read on below, and then watch my video short to find out!

Click here for the YouTube video I made.

Emotions can be affected by smells entering the limbic system from our noses. What is the limbic system? It’s the part of our brain that is ancient. It helps us remember smells and their associated memories. The was beneficial back when we needed to remember which plants were toxic, and what rancid meat smelled like.

Some smells are coded in all our brains {meaning all us humans} the same. Citrus smells elicit happy feelings in almost all people. I sometimes wonder if this had to do with the scarcity of fresh fruit in our not so recent past. When we found fresh citrus fruit, it lit up our brains and we were driven to eat a ton of it, to get the necessary vitamins and minerals we didn’t always have access to. Smells continue to have the same effect on our brains now. Its pretty hard to be unhappy or angry while smelling orange or tangerine. I dare you to try it next time you are angry or feeling onry.

As I sit here finishing up writing, I’m smiling, and the ire and irritation I felt earlier has been erased. Essential oils are so powerful and I am so excited science is beginning to be able to prove their benefits to a still skeptical world.

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