One Word for 2017


What is your one-word intention for the New Year?

I had never done this before, but decided to after hearing about it three times within a couple days. The Universe was sending me a message.

A one-word intention is the one word that summarizes what you’re going to focus on in the upcoming year. This word will direct your actions throughout the year and serve as a guide when you start feeling lost.   Your own personal North Star. Your one-word intention should be something that relates to your goals for the New Year, and speaks to your heart and goals.

How do you choose your one word? The best way is to diagram your goals for the coming year, and find the recurring theme. You can also focus on an aspect of your life you’d like to work on or build up. It should ideally be a verb, an action word that will call you to action, although it doesn’t have to be.

What is my one word for 2017?


I choose happiness as a reminder to myself to live in the moment. I so often get caught up in the past or the future. I am a planner, and often worry about things I cannot change, and that takes the power out of the present. So my goal for 2017 is to live in the present. To take each experience at face value and put my planning and worrying aside.

They {who is they anyway?} say to post the word to post it notes on your day planner, or write it on your weekly or monthly calendar. You can also post it in the bathroom mirror so you see in first thing in the morning and on your car’s dash.

I challenge you to take a couple days to think about what speaks to you, and choose your word for 2017.

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