Life With Kids…

Before I had kids, I REALLY had no idea what having kids would be like. Life-turned-upside-down-forever change. But, the good kind. I was thinking the other day “I wonder what I did with ALL MY TIME before I had kids”. Because before I had kids, I still worked as an ER RN, three 12-hour shifts per week, unless I picked up extra shifts. And after that, I could do WHATEVER I WANTED! What?!?!?!

At the time, I know I thought I was busy. Now I laugh whenever someone without kids says they are busy…or they are tired. That’s my favorite! “I’m soooo tired!” Ha! You don’t know tired until you have slept for only an hour at a time every day for 2 months. Ah, parenthood. Showing the average person how much free time they REALLY used to have {insert snickering}.

So, what was I going to talk about again?

Yes. So, we use essential oils in our house. A lot. Like every day. We use them for everything from boosting our health and wellness, to making easy DIY nontoxic cleaning supplies as an alternative to the toxic alternatives we used, to use to massages.

We try and give each other massages with essential oils at least a couple times a week. And this means the kids too. Its a great way to connect and help them relax before bedtime. This past week, while I was putting oils on my husband, the kids decided they wanted to “help”. Anyone with kids knows what “help” from a 6, 4 and 2 year old looks like.


Not really help at all. The kids were having so much fun giving Dad a massage and rubbing in the oils, and it turned into a jump on Dad while Mom rubs in the oils scenario.

My family is my life. They are my treasure and where my heart is. It is amazing {I would pick another word but can’t think of anything that does the feeling justice} to see how they view the world and how much pure joy they have in just being in the moment. With kids, I find myself laughing more, giggling more, and am in general, a better version of Me. It’s almost like a second childhood, where you get to rediscover all the things around us we take for granted.

Clouds. Trees. A mail truck. A snail. And a thousand more. We have forgotten how awesome and wondrous these things are. I have my kids to thank for reminding me to look at them.

And even though I have a lot less free time than before we were a family, I would do it the same all over again, choosing jumping on me kids over tons of time alone to do whatever I want.

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