Podcast Much?

Since I moved about 45 miles away from my job, (from previously living less than 3 miles away), I have started listening to podcasts on the drive there and back twice a week. I had heard of podcasts before but never really knew what they were and had, for sure, never listened to one. Other times in the car with my 3 small kids was, and is still, sub-optimal for actually listening to anything other than their tiny streams of observations and requests.

Anyway, thanks to my husband I found one I look forward to every time I have the car to myself. What is it called , you ask?

Optimal Living Daily!


In this podcast, the host reads blog posts from other bloggers that deal with subjects to help you transform your life for the better. Each one is less than 10 minutes! Short and sweet. He has some regular blogs he reads, and then he also takes recommendations from his listeners. I am always excited to see what he is reading that day, and how it can be implemented in my life. In the past 3 months that I have been faithfully listening, I really do feel like I am changing for the better. Little tidbits of information at a time is just about right for being able to actually make small changes. The last one I listened to was “302: Living a Life of Joy by Steve Pavlina (A Happy Hour for Mental Illness Starts with this Good Life Project: A Joyful Continuum)”.

Never listened to a podcast before? You should! There are endless ones, on every topic from politics to comedy. You can access them on your smartphone and listen at your own pace, for FREE!

I actually also like their sister podcast, Optimal Finance Daily. This has the same format, with the host reading from financial blog posts, with tips and strategies to better your financial life, save more and spend less, and yet live without feeling like you are foregoing all the luxuries of life. Interested yet?!?!

Ok. So here is the link to check it out online. http://bit.ly/HowToListen

And, no I do not get any kickbacks or other incentives from posting about this. I just really like the podcasts. Start listening and then come back here and let me know what you think!

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